Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New life i guess..

Hey whats up or how i like to say it 'waaarrrggghhhhzzzaaarrrggghhhppp aaarrr'. It has been awhile hasn't it since i updated my blog. Well after ol' the shits that's been happening to me lately i really didn't have any time for myself. Talking about that. I've never imagine that i would have to go through all of this in my life. But i guess that's what happens when ur just human. Or a kid and growing up in this god forsaken world, where u don't need to worry about problems because that's what parents are for. Well now as a grown up i'm now facing a whole new kind of problems that only i can go through and solve. God i miss those days when the only problem i had to go through was only about my homework. Other then that its all about having fun.

That's why i keep reminding my lil brother every time he complains about high school. I told him to enjoy high school while u still can. Because once ur done with it then there's college. And when ur in college ur gonna wish that u were still in high school. And then when ur done with college and go off to uni or what not, ur definitely going to wish u were back in college. It will never stop. Cause that's life for u.

Back to me since this is my blog. The same reason why people hate bloggers. Because its all about me. If its not me then there is no reason for me to even start a blog. And if i don't wanna blog then those haters won't be haters. And then their gonna be bored, cause right now thats the only thing that they can do to amuse themselves. So ur welcome. Anyway not that anyone complain but who knows. So yeah, i'm entering a new world now. Im trying so hard to fit in. I mean changing fields is not easy. I thought it was but it isn't. If it wasn't for Fara and my friends then i don't know how i would be right now.

Now that i'm done blogging and reading it back again, i've come to realise that i too hate myself hahahahahha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the shittiest time of my life

i've been waiting patiently, for all these rumours to go away.
But the more i seem to push, the more it really wants to stay.
i aint got the life that i wanted, everything seems to go his way.
i ended up digging shit, so that he gets what he wanted at the end of the day.

So i get my board and go skate, so that i wouldn't have to recall.
but it doesn't help at all, reminiscing when i fall.
i keep on smiling to everyone i see, they don't know what i really feel inside.
its like a girl that has to marry someone that she doesn't love, yes i am that bride.

But i aint talking about my wife, she's the reason why i'm still alive.
its about someone else who i looked up to a high.
backstabbing me while i'm getting high. which by,
the end of my dream i get to fly, he goes and wake me up n tell me to die.