Thursday, May 13, 2010

the shittiest time of my life

i've been waiting patiently, for all these rumours to go away.
But the more i seem to push, the more it really wants to stay.
i aint got the life that i wanted, everything seems to go his way.
i ended up digging shit, so that he gets what he wanted at the end of the day.

So i get my board and go skate, so that i wouldn't have to recall.
but it doesn't help at all, reminiscing when i fall.
i keep on smiling to everyone i see, they don't know what i really feel inside.
its like a girl that has to marry someone that she doesn't love, yes i am that bride.

But i aint talking about my wife, she's the reason why i'm still alive.
its about someone else who i looked up to a high.
backstabbing me while i'm getting high. which by,
the end of my dream i get to fly, he goes and wake me up n tell me to die.

1 comment:

putrirex said...

akie i sedih reading this entry. just remember Allah is just testing you ok.don't worry this will slowly go away.. and also don't forget it will come back again. just stay calm and embrace every moment.
im just a friend that can gv u morale support other that that its how you want it to be :)
insyaAllah akie. take care!skate smart.