Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My cool wedding ring..We both got what we wanted hehehe

Before i got married, of course we had to find a perfect wedding ring. Now for me, i wanted a ring that's different from those typical rings that people would get. Back then i didn't mind getting a toy ring or a ring that was made out from strings. Just as long as she gave it to me. I don't believe in expensive/diamond/gold or what not to be fitted on my finger, I'll probably give them a middle finger.

Shit i didn't care if i don't get a ring at all, just as long as i get to marry this wonderful Fara of mine. But unfortunately Fara is the opposite. She would walk through hell and back to get the wedding of her dreams. I guess referring to Wikipedia, that's is what u called a 'Women'. Which includes getting the perfect ring.

Now in this world the guy has no say in it what so ever. Maybe a little, never a lot and that's even if your lucky enough. And for guys like us, we don't want to be nag over and over again so we just agree to what ever the person we love says. So there we were going through all kinds of stores and departments in search of this perfect wedding rings of her dreams. Countless days of researching on-line and going to all kinds of shopping malls to a point i got fed-up. Not that i wanted to but i just thought that every rings looks the same. I mean what is so hard to choose one. Well that is a typical guy, and im no exception.

I mean if we were rich or i was then i guess it would have been easier. So i just had to say something. And there i was in front of her in the middle of Ikano mall Damansara. I had to say what's on my mind. I had nothing to loose. Well maybe a couple of days without having to skate so that i had to pujuk her for what i'm about to say. 'Sayang, do we really have to buy a beautiful ring for me. I don't mind buying u an expensive ring. Its just that i don't want to trouble us getting a perfect ring for me. Sayang there's no ring in this world that is more beautiful then u. If u gave me a plastic ring it still looks perfect because when every time i look at it i see your beautiful face. And that's all that matters to me'. And all of the sudden i just realise that we were standing in front of jewellery store.

One of those store that sells good quality affordable rings. 'Sayang let go here, it says that they can engrave words on the rings. It would mean a lot to me if u can write something special on mine and i to u. It would be the best wedding ring for me'. Seeing me all hyped out about a wedding ring made her happy and relax again, so she agreed. PHEWW. So in we went. After a good half an hour we finally found a near to perfect ring. But what was going to be engrave on that ring was why it was going to become the perfect ring of all time.

Now the main reason why i opened up to her about how i felt in the first place was to not get a wedding ring, but this was better then not knowing when this painful search of this perfect ring will end. Is this confusing for u?. Anyway i still didn't want to end it by getting a typical normal ring. So what happen next was so beautiful. The sales lady gave us each a pen and a paper to write down the words for the ring. Then my Fara came out with this brilliant idea. She wanted us to keep it a secret. For a surprise, she didn't wanna know what i wrote and she didn't want me to know what she wrote. But i was against it. I told her i don't want to write some mushy mushy stuff. Because i think were the coolest couple, so i told her that she can keep it a secret but what i wanted to write is sumthing that reminds her of me, and that was 'WARGHZARGHP AR' on her ring. After she heard that she was all like 'Alaaaaa i baru nak letak sumthing nice untuk u'. I told her that is my final decision. She kept quite and look down on her piece of paper.

And at that time I whispered to the sales lady that i'm just playing on her, i told her that the real words was behind the paper. And behind the 'WARGHZARGHP AR' i wrote sumthing else. The lady understood and agreed. Now, i notice fara started to write something down. For me i already bared in mind that she would write sumthing lovely so i didnt care just as long as we get it over and done with. Then she stopped. Look up and said 'hah i wrote sumthing thats perfect for u, u nak warghzarghp me so fine lah'.

Had to wait 30 minutes for the rings to be ready. Went to get some Starbucks in our system. Came back to collect the goods and off we went. While walking to the carpark she just cant keep her eyes off the box, she wanted to know how the WARGHZARGHP looks like. She was shivering, eager to know. So i let her open it. She took out my ring for her and starts to read the engrave. Suddenly tears came running down softly from her eyes as she read it out loudly. 'LIFE STARTS AT 27,06,09. Our wedding date sayang, That is so beautiful sayang'. And then out of no where she goes into shock 'Oh my god, alamak, ur ring'. I quickly opened up my box took out the ring and there it was. The words on my ring. 'UR MY BITCH'.
i wonder how is every one in Bosnia since they found out that they have their own pyramids, i wonder how they keep updates on yellow pages, i wonder how Neil Armstrong reacted when they say he cant tell the truth about what happen on the moon, i wonder how Obama sleeps at night knowing he has to make a change in this
world by tomorrow, i wonder how it feels to drive the new honda city, i wonder if i can afford a new honda city, i wonder if every one gets me wrong, i wonder what would happen if the facts were true that by the end of 2011 there be no more seafood, i wonder if there is such a thing as the Loch Nest monster...

i wonder what would happen
if Sir Winston Churchill were still alive, i wonder what would happen if Hitler were still alive, i wonder how bad i'll be if pan bakery ss15 subang were to close down, i wonder why 90% of women who walk into a department store turn to the right, i wonder how Charlie Chaplin felt when he won third place in a charlie chaplin lookalike contest, i wonder who found out about chewing a chewing gum while peeling onions keeps us from crying, i wonder why we cant dream for more then 20 minutes, i wonder how the creator of the NIKE swoosh symbol symbol felt knowing that he was paid only $35 for his design back then.

I wonder what i get out from wondering.

Orrrr could this be what im looking for

Will u take a look at that. Check it out online about this. Its the new Olympus PEN E-P2. Like i said, i know a little about cameras but so far, me iz liking what me iz reading about it. But sadly i dont know how much its gonna cost me when it hits the stores in malaysia. Maybe this weekend i'll go into town n check if its available yet. But i do have a feeling that this is the one that would wrap around my neck. Cant wait to get a hold on it. aight then.

Monday, November 23, 2009

So what will it be?

This is definitely be my dream camera. But its too perfect for me to handle. And its to pricey for my budget. So i guess this is a NO go. Maybe one day. Who knows right. I might win a lottery or something. But i doubt it. Anyway, i need a simple camera that can do wonders to the picture. So i set on a journey to find the most compact, price below 2grand, good retro looking and pack with alot of functions. Coz after all, i just need a camera to take pictures for my blog. So after one shop to another, I came upon two camera's that fit the bill. And here they are...

1st runner up is the canon g11. It only cost not more then 2grand. The colours are just suppurb. It really absorb the colours. But before i continue i would like to take this moment to tell u readers that i know squat about cameras. Its a true story. So anyway, the only thing that got me turn off abit, not that much just abit is that its too bulky. But u can't blame the fella i guess. it has everything u need in a compact camera. I guess what canon is trying to do is making a compact camera that is near close to an DSLR. But i need something smaller then this beauty right here. Smaller enough to slide it through my pocket or what not, which brings me to the 2nd runner up. Let me introduce..

Lumix DMC-LX3. Take a look at that. If ya haven't notice, god had strike and slap that beauty with a leica lens. So in a way i get to be close to holding a leica for under 2grand as i ever will. The fucntions are not that cool as the g11 but its close, coz if it were then i would say that it would be bulky too. And like i said, i just need something small and ready to kill. If u see it from a full view u will notice that the looks are near similar to a PEN1. And the wicked thing about this camera is that the flash pops out when u need it. Thats why u dont see any flashes on the camera in the picture. Coz its inside. That is so retro. But still i'm confuse. I like how the lumix looks but i like what canon has to offer. Damn it. So what would it be????

who said u couldnt play golf inside..

The Zane showing off his driving skills. Funny thing is that the buggy didn't even move

Yeah we had to wait our turn. Mr Riyaz was taking his sweet time on the par 4.

Chilling at C n C after the game. Something smell fishy that night. Oh yeah. There's a fish and chips parlour next to C n C. Alot of things happen that nite, but i did have a camera at that time. Now im saving up to get myself a cool camera.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

putra jaya skate park

So yeah. I just just couldn't stand it anymore. 8 days without skating. That is just to much. I called Bruce Lee up.

Bruce Lee: Sup

Me : Waaaarrrrrggghhhhzzzaaaarrrggghhhhppp

BL : Sup

Me : Waaaarrrrrggghhhhzzzaaaarrrggghhhhppp

BL : Sup

Me : Have u heard?

BL : Yeah..i heard u need some hooking up

Me : Hell Yeah...Wats the status?

BL : Looks like its gonna cry

Me : Putra Jaya?

BL : Lets

Me : Run this thing with Tim Tim

BL : Jap lepas aku garu telor aku, aku call dier

I guess this is one of a those usual conversation before shredding.

Friday, November 20, 2009

(aki) Sayang..i nak gi skate ptg neh boleh?..(fara) arrrrgggghhh THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Askar2 fara kat belakang) HAAUUUHH..(belakang i? Russell peters) Be a Man!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

internet cam harams

Internet slo gilz babs tax ingj punj. Thats what i keep telling myself when i click on youtube. Imagine those poor people out there who wants to see new movie trailers or some new skate clips from The Berrics. Have to wait so damn long. Well at least those under age wont be watching porn. cause that would be a loooong jerking off session for them. So anyway, watsap with the rain. I aint getting any session for a week already. That is way too long for a guy like me to be not skating. My body keeps yelling 'what the fuck what the fuck' over and over again..SHUT UP!!.. Its definitely not my fault. Which brings me to a story my Fara told me the other day. She's in the event department. So every time they have this massive event coming, they call and this 'voodoo bomoh or sumthing witch slash what the fuck' to come and give his dance to make it stop raining. So the point of this info of mine is that if any skaters out there who's facing the same problem 'JOM TONGTONG nak?' ('PUT OUR MONEY TOGETHER AND PAY HIM TO STOP THE RAIN')...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Partying with me boy and the rest of the family

Turns out someone else had a birthday wish too.

There's only one place that comes to mind when it comes to jumping around freely with my fam. And its called BARSONNNN. That night, the routine event was a bit special for it was Arip's birthday. What better way to celebrate it at that club that has the coolest music of all. Everyone was hyped out onda way there, everyone was killing it.

Horenehkertuh Shaubihseekpertuh faz to sarmpiemitergelz
Even our Sheena was there too. She came to introduce.....
While making myself busy taking pictures i saw Dj T-Bone walking towards us..Warggghhhzzzaaarrrppp i yell. Then out of no where behind him came this hot chick wearing red. I had to take her picture.There she is again. This time with her friends.The PimpZane with the gurls
Reminds me of a girl name Ayu. Her full name i think is Control Ayu hahahahaha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Between The End and The Begining

So thats the reason why i stopped skating..i had been transported to a different country..a country that i'm not familiar with..different streets, diff people, diff sounds, diff weather and of course different culture..i was pretty quiet for the first year being back in Malaysia..cause i wasn't any good in Malay..i didn't understand alot of the student at my new Malay school were saying..i was so bad at Malay that one day in class the teacher started to right sumthing on the blackboard..from my observation, it looked like a lot of question so i'm guessing its some sort of a test or sumthing..on top of those question she underline the word "ujian"..being bad as i was in Malay i tried to read it out as possible as i can..i know a few words in Malay because sometimes my parent do talk to us or to each other in Malay for the reason that they didn't want their children to forget the Malay slowly saying to myself i pronounce it exactly like this..'uhjan'..and i looked outside of the class room and i saw it was starting to rain..and i thought to myself do teacher's give out test every time it rains in this country..from that day i was always terrified when it rains..

Anywayss...Transferred to alot of school in my time before i started skating again..the only reason why I'd stop in the first place was that i didn't know that were any skaters in Malaysia..i only found out when i was in high school form three..thats when the boards came in a different shape..abit pelik (weird) for me to adapt with..but when i started to learn to do tricks on it, it got to me how easy it was with this new shape wasn't fish boards anymore..both side had concaves..concaves mean the tail and the nose of the was more comfortable popping on the tails to do the tricks..i felt like that missing part was reappearing back into my life again..

I skated with a few of the boys who was really into these sports lucky i was to have met them..for they were the guys who made my love for skateboarding even more..big it up for poppeye, lan tailslide (coz he was good in frontside tailslide) and yuz..thank you from the bottom of my heart..for a kid who came from a normal family..and when i say normal, i mean a not perfect life was meaningful again..i didn't care shit if i wasn't doing the same stuff as the other kids..partying, playing games at the arcade,jerking off (HAHAHA) or like having a gurlfriend or what not..i was happy being able to skate EVERYDAY..

I remember the first time i landed a kick was the best feeling ever..i mean to do it felt like ur first glance of your new born was a very emotional feeling for me..and i still feel the same way every time i land a new trick to this day..yes for 27 years old i'm proudly to say that i'm still reaping it..for people who skates would know what a kick flip is..but for those who don't then let me explain..its a trick where u flip your skateboard to your left...hmmm..actually i really don't know how to explain it..but if u youtube it im sure u will get a better picture..

So thats when i started skating again till to this day..i hope i still can skate for another ten years atleast..cause one of the 'has to do list' of mine is to build a mini indoor skatepark when i get my own living in malaysia, well thats not list is already hard to maintain but when ur married..then u automatically have two list' is yours and the other is ur wife's list..hahahahahahah...just kidding sayang..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Shocking News

Oh man. Was i in for a surprise. Not a good one but a bad one. My dad was working for the Malaysian embassy. I think he was doing a good job at it coz my dad was suppose to work there for three years only, but it turns out to be 9 years. So u could guess what was the news. Damn it. My dad had to transfer back to Malaysia. So automatically the family had to go back too. So yeah, i had a hard time excepting the fact that I had to say goodbye to my wonderful life here in London. Damn I was so mad that I even planned out to run away from home. But the thing was i could only afford to run away to Richards house. Well it was Richards plan anyway. Richard told me that i could hide in his wardrobe for the time being. It sounded like a plan at that time. Well we were kids. What do u expect. Hahaha..

Thinking about it makes me wanna laugh again..anyway. I slowly learn to except the fact that i can't leave without my parents, i can never pull this through. I hated my parents for doing this to me but i know i can't leave with out them and that's for sure. So after a few months locking myself in the room, it was time for me to say goodbye to England, goodbye England. Got to Heathrow airport. Being all sad and shit, my mind was in bad shape. Mentally and all. Wanting to puke by the fact that this is gonna be my last time inhaling the fresh air of the united kingdom. So i hold onto his hand tightly for comfort. Damn i still remember how frightening it was for me to be on the plane..not that i was afraid of flying..but afraid for what was waiting for me in Malaysia. The 14hour flight didn't felt so long coz all i was doing is remembering the wonderful years of living in that beautiful country. Just closing my eyes the entire time. Till eventually i fell asleep..

I felt a bump from the plane. Woke up to realise that we had already landed..can't remember what happen next but by the time we were in the airport, i was so afraid. Brown coloured people were all around me. I was in a different world, the air was weird. The faces were weird to me, then i realise they all look like me. Damn, it was such a shock that i hug her tightly then ever before. Then i heard the most unusual things. The women i was hugging was saying to someone beside her. It was a guy hearing from his voice 'chomel betullah si syakir neh abang' (syakir is so cute). Hang on, wait a minute. My parents never call me by my second name. So i looked up. It was my aunt that i was hugging, and the man beside her was my uncle. Holy crap. Turns out that my parent had only sent me to them at the airport. My parents wanted to stay behind a bit longer coz they were sadder then me and wanted to enjoy more over there without the kids. Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh..

Monday, November 9, 2009

The greatest thing that happen to me..well one of it..

So i gave him my board. Because I rather loose my board then getting a black eye or something. I mean I'll be embarrass in front of everybody. But I was young. Nothing could of happen cause there were adults and teachers all around. I just couldn't think straight at that moment. Well anyway, he grab my board and started to do something to the board that I never imagine doing before. I looked in amazement, and so did the other guyz, but to me it was way deeper then that.

I was feeling what that person was doing to my board. He did all kinds of tricks. He did a kick flip, a three sixty flip, a pop shove it and a heel flip. At that point i didn't know the names of those movement he did with my board but i sure can remember it well. Just as thou it happen a year ago. After that he came back to me to pass my board back. He said thanks and said 'i needed that, its been awhile since i skated, just had to know if i still have it in u know, this is a good cheap deck, what a flat nose u have'. And after that day i never look back, all i was thinking from then onwards is how to do the tricks he did and to save up n get myself a nose job. Everyday since, we were trying to learn to do tricks on the board, while going to school, on our way back from school, onda way to the shops, on the way to football training, basically every where.

And the funny thing was that we didn't have any guidance. It was all using our memories. Just trying to imagine what that guy did and applying it to our feet's, and we never get tired of it. Well for David and Daniel sometimes they got tired especially after the football training and all, but not me, not me and Richard.
Richard was my best friend at that time, Richard Doss. I've lost contact with him. I've tried looking for him ever since..he was my partner in crime. We were doing everything together. Well back to the story. It was a must that i would try at least once a day to get a trick done, but it didn't go anywhere.

I was doing it all wrong but i didn't know back then. I was just having fun with this thing that i fell in love with. Well we all were I guess, after months of having the time of my life, came home one day after a wicked skateboarding session with the guys, my dad told me some bad shocking news. My heart just dropped off the face of the earth. That bad news made me stop skating for years.

damn this is my first blog..if thats what u call it..

This is my first where do i wife is taking a nap..i mean she knows more about blogs then i do..arr phuck it..let me start of by introducing myself..i'm aki..yeah that's my nick name that my fren Nana gave to me back in high school..maybe cause every one had one at the time and i couldn't even bother to come up with yeah she gave me one instead..and the name stuck to me since then..I'm not gonna tell you my real name..i dunno why but maybe we'll figure that out later..i am a skateboarder..a married one to that..
I've been skating for..damn its been so long that i forgot when was the exact date that i was blessed with my first experience with a skateboard..but i do know that it was in secondary school..i was brought up in England u see..i was how i would say 'transported' when i was just five years English was my 1st ever language..i lived there for 8 I've been leaving in Malaysia for more then 10 my writing is a bit poor..glad i still can speak it..but anyway..i remember i use a skateboard as only a transportation to school..'ONLY' and me best mates would push our (back then boards were in a shape of a fish look alike) board..we weren't into skateboarding that much..because back then we were into another sports..well this sport is like every little kids who living there would dream to have or wanted to do every chance they get..and some even wants to make a living out of it..well come to think about it every kid i guess..and that is football..not American football..but all around the world except the united states kind of football..and there was no exception for me too..for i was also crazy about that sport..well anyway..i remember one time we had this school trip to river themes..i don't know what happen to Mrs bull which is our teacher..maybe she let someone into her women cave last night or sumthing..i mean she wasn't that fit..if ya know what i mean..but she was quite chirpy before the trip..well of course me and the guyz saw this as an opportunity to ask her if we could bring our boards a long with us..and with luck n as i had suspected..she's to us it wasn't that important for us to bring the board in the first place..we were just kids..we like things like this to happen to us..sumthing to make us different from the other kids..especially different from the seniors..just to make it clear..
Schools in England are never big as the one we have in Malaysia...because there's so many of them..its like shah alam..every 'seksyen' has a school..and thats how it is over there..that's why when we have a trip all the student will be joining..well back to the we were feeling cool about our self holding our skateboards in our hands..looking at all the gurls who's looking at us..thinking were cool and all that..then suddenly a guy came up to this time we were already at river a school group..oh yeah this guy came up to us and ask me if he can borrow my board..well every one else was afraid that he was gonna mug our skateboards so they all hold it back behind them..i in the other hand was in a different situation for i was in front of everybody else so i was to afraid to do the same..cause he was older then me..mid twenty or being scared shit i just gave him the board knowing that i save up so much money to buy this board and it was going to be stolen from me in front of my very own eyes..BUT it turns out to be the greatest thing I've ever done in my entire life..